Saturday, September 21, 2013

Top 10 warning signs of cancer

Cancer management is possible, especially if detected early and treated in the right way. Cancer does not make its entry like a common cold or hay fever, which make more noise but are less deadly. It silently continues to grow in the body, unless you are aware about the warning signs or symptoms to watch out for them. Early detection plays an important role in success of cancer treatment. Here are the 10 early signs and symptoms of cancer, which could indicate cancer, but do not panic, it does not mean you have cancer. If they persist, it is wise to see a doctor for clarification. If it is not cancer, you can continue with your life.  Unfortunately if it is cancer, do not lose hope, you can beat it.
10. White patches or spots
White patches inside the mouth or white spots on tongue could be Leukoplakia, which is precancerous skin conditions caused due to frequent irritation; most probably due to smoking, tobacco chewing or consumption of gutka. If left untreated it could flare up into full blown oral cancer, therefore, have it checked out by a dentist at the earliest.
9. Unusual Bleeding or Discharge
Unusual bleeding takes place in both advanced and early stages of cancer. Any type of discharge from nipple, rectum or vagina when you are not menstruating, or abnormal presence of blood, either in urine, stools, saliva (sputum), is not a good sign. It should be tested to rule out cancer.
8. Changes in Skin
Changes in skin should be followed closely.  A wart, mole or freckle that changes in size, shape or color or that has uneven borders is not safe. Changes in skin happen due to Melanoma, and also due to cancers in other parts of the body. Hyper pigmentation or darkening of skin, reddish patches, itching or excessive hair growth can be symptoms of cancers.
7. Change in bowel habits
Digestive tract problems are often ignored because we have had them since our childhood and they went away without doing much harm. They may turn into dangerous cancer symptoms when they don’t away and persist for days. Diarrhea, constipation, inability to empty bowels completely, stomach ache, pain in the rectum or anus which are persistent should be checked out to be on safer side.
6. Throat problems
Hoarseness in throat, pain in chest, breathlessness and cough persisting for more than 3 weeks should be reported to your doctor, who may further recommend different tests. Trouble in swallowing can be a sign of cancer in esophagus, stomach or pharynx.  Even if it is not cancer, they could be underlying symptoms of some other serious maladies which could be managed with treatment.
5. Loss of Appetite and weight
Most of the people would feel happy to see the weighing machine announcing weight loss for no apparent reason. Unfortunately, this is could be sign of cancers in pancreas, stomach, esophagus and lungs. Loss of appetite which can contribute to weight loss can also indicate cancer.
4. Sore or bruise that does not heal
A sore that bleeds and does not heal, could be a sign of skin cancer. The presence of a long-lasting sore in mouth could be oral cancer in early stages. Sores which could indicate the cancer also appear on penis or vagina. Do not hesitate to get them checked out by a health professional who can provide you further guidance.
3. Pain
Often pain due to cancer may indicate that it has metastasized or spread to other parts of body other than in some cases. People suffering from bone or testicular cancer experience pain in the early stages. Brain tumor causes sudden headaches which do not respond to medications. Cancers in colon, ovary or rectum cause pain in the back.
2. Fatigue
Fatigue, like pain, happens as the cancer progresses, wearing out the patient. People who suffer from cancer of colon, leukemia or stomach cancer show signs of fatigue that persists even with good rest in the early stages of their illness. The loss of blood due to these cancers is responsible for the fatigue.
1. Lumps and Tumors
Thickening of the body tissue or tumors can be cancerous in some cases, though there are chances that they could be benign. Cancer in breast, testicle, or lymph nodes often appears as tumor which can be felt through skin with careful observation. Breast cancer can appear in form of changes in breast size, shape or thickening of skin.


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