Thursday, December 13, 2012


The next presentation was by Dr. Nagarathna which has been covered in the first session. Her presentation was followed by a wonderful presentation by Mr.  Amritanshu  Ram,  Lecturer  at  S-Vyasa  University,  popularly  known  as  Yoga  University,  about  applied  yoga.
We had heard about the role of Yoga in managing cancer in the first Seminar on 23rd of September. In the second seminar there was some additional information from Mr.  Amritanshu  Ram who  clearly explained the role yoga plays in health management through a power point show that had strong impact.
He made it clear that yoga was not just bending of body, but bending of mind. He explained that yoga is not to replace standard treatment but as an adjuvant therapy for standard treatment of cancer.
It was later followed by Presentation of stories of Cancer Battle Winners Mr.Amar Bhanskar and Mrs. Farida Rizwan.
Mrs. Farida Rizwan spoke about how her world changed with the diagnosis of cancer. Dividing her life into two parts, BC and AD meaning Before Cancer and After Diagnosis, she explained how cancer had not only affected her negatively but also positively. While spending life like money won in lottery previously, she had learned its value after fighting for life with cancer. Life now was hard earned money, which should be spent wisely.
Though treatment had helped, she believes it is the need to be with her two young children, which motivated her to survive and gave her immense will power.
The next survivor to speak was Mr.Amar Bhanskar, senior manager of a company, suffered from a major tongue cancer that not just impaired his speaking abilities but also made his neck stiff as his lymph nodes were removed. With a great sense of humor he went to describe how it was tough to manage his mother tongue language of Tamil which had more tongue twisting words than English. He gave example of bollywood who pick themselves up and attack with vengeance when talking about his recurrence. His presentation was covered in the earlier Seminar too.
The best being reserved for the last, the Seminar ended once again with the quick wit humor of Padmabhushan Prof. B M Hegde is formerly the Vice Chancellor of Manipal University.  He had been an International Advisor to all the three Royal Colleges in the British Isles as also the Irish Royal College. He is the author of thirty five books and many publications including the famous book titled "What Doctors Don't Get To Study At The Medical School". He has won Padma Bhushan from the Govt of India, Dr. BC Roy National award for Eminent Medical Teachers, Dr. JC Bose award for life sciences research, and Pride of India award.
Like usual he gave out his honest opinions about medical profession and science, sending the audience into splits of laughter.  His presentation has been covered in earlier Seminar too. 

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